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The Pet Boom and How it Affects Home Lending

 Business Week’s cover story in July 2007 addresses The Pet Economy – Americans spend an astonishing $41 billion a year on their furry friends, double the amount spent a decade ago.  That’s more than what Americans spend annually on movies ($10.8 billion), video games ($11.6 billion), and music ($10.6 billion) combined.    And if that’s not enough, annual pet spending is expected to hit $52 billion in the next two years.  Read More…

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Top 10 Tips When Moving with your Pet

Buying or selling a home and moving is not only one of the most stressful events in your life, it can also be stressful on your pets.   

A Pet Friendly Real Estate Agent can help you plan and prepare to guarantee a stress-free move.  Here are a few tips to help start your preparations for a safe move for you and your pets.  Read More…

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Shopping for a Pet Friendly Home

You can expect your Pet Friendly Agent to be the Pet Friendly Real Estate expert.  That means being knowledgeable about everything about a Property from the fenced yard to the local pet parks and Veterinary clinics.  After all, you are not just looking for a home is suitable for you but for your whole family – pets included.  A Pet Friendly Agent will start by asking you some initial qualifying questions: Are you a dog owner, cat owner, horse or farm owner?  The following are examples of a few other topics you can expect that your Pet Friendly Agent will discuss with you:  Read More…

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Finding a Pet Friendly Real Estate Agent

When it comes to shopping for a Real Estate Professional, there are many places to start.  As of December 2006, there were over 2 million Real Estate Agents across the United States.  With approximately 75% of people turning to the Internet to start their Real Estate Search, you go to your favorite search engine and depending on your search results you have to sort through the clutter of hundreds or thousands of Real Estate Websites.  All the Web sites start looking the same and you quickly become bored or even frustrated.  So how do you sort through the confusion to choose an Agent that’s right for you and understands your specific Pet Friendly needs?  Read More…

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Pets and Flooring

Most decorators and pet owners prefer hard surfaces such as linoleum, vinyl, real wood, laminate, stone or ceramic flooring.

Needless to say carpet is THE WORST choice.  Not only can a pet easily destroy it, but it traps odors and animal dander, and it difficult to clean.

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Pet Friendly Renting

The following article was written by The Pet Realty Network by special request from the Louisiana SPCA. We thought it would be nice to share it here with you.


Happy and Successful Pet Friendly Renting!


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A Pet Friendly Community is a Great Place to Live

Studies show that having a pet improves quality of life, from childhood through the elder years.

With 69.1 million pet owners in the United States and pet spending having reached $38.4 billion in 2006, it is no surprise that Pet Friendly people look for Pet Friendly Communities when buying a home.

The secret power of pets is an amazing thing. Here are a few other great things pets do to enrich our lives, and the Communities we call home. 

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Moving Day – An Overview

You have found your perfect agent, sold or purchased your Pet Friendly Property, and now it is time to pack up and move. 

Whether you are moving across town, across country or from another country – you have a big task ahead of you.   Preparation is key to a successful move, keeping your pet’s safety in mind:  Read More…

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Preparing to Sell Your Pet Friendly Home

When preparing a Pet Friendly property for sale, you have a big task ahead of you.  It is important to make any property for sale as attractive as possible, but a Pet Friendly property can have a few more challenges.  Pet hair has a tendency to find the deepest nooks and crannies in a home and if a home has a distinct pet odors, potential buyers may skip on the property.  Your Pet Friendly Agent may suggest a few simple everyday maintenance chores that that can add to the appeal of your property. Read More…